Emergency plumbing problems are no fun. They’re even less fun when they end up being ridiculously expensive. Money that you could have used on a family vacation, a new car, or that nice pair of slippers you’ve had your eye on is all going toward repairing a problem you could have avoided in the first place. Here are the three most expensive household plumbing disasters and how you can prevent them:

Leaky pipes

A leaky pipe doesn’t seem like a big problem, but the fact that they’re hard to notice is what makes the damage they can cause so much more dramatic. A pipe consistently leaking for weeks, months, or even longer will lead to a lot of expensive issues. First there’s mold and rot, which can not be incredibly hazardous to your homes’ inhabitant’s health. Next there’s the home structural damage that can come from constant dripping water.

New drywall isn’t cheap, that’s for sure. Avoid this pricey problem by keeping an eye out for signs of leaky pipes. Mold, dampness, discoloration on pipes, and an increase in your water bill can all be signs of a leak. If you spot any of these signals, the next step is to contact the professionals about pipe replacement.

Water heater problems

Without maintenance, your water heater could actually burst! Replacing an entire water heater isn’t cheap. Take care of the one you have now by making sure to flush it out at least once per year. This will clear out sediment buildup, which can lead to overheating, increased interior pressure, and a slew of other expensive problems.

One way to avoid these types of problems completely is by installing a tankless water heater in your home, as most of the potential-disaster scenarios with water heaters all involve problems with the tank itself.

Main water line breakage

When a water main breaks, it’s a big deal. It’s a big, expensive, stressful deal. It involves excavating your lawn to get to the source. A project that big could lead to repaving your driveway, re-sodding your lawn, and replanting landscaping.

How can you prevent this from happening? We recommend having your main water and sewage lines inspected by professionals at least yearly. They can spot the beginning of any problems before they escalate.

Just because these problems come with daunting price tags doesn’t mean that if the unthinkable happens, you’ll be out of luck. The punctual plumbers at Ben Franklin Plumbing come with some of the best training, fastest turnarounds, and most reasonable pricing for any and all services provided. We recommend you take the time to schedule some preventative maintenance with us today so you can make sure none of these big ticket incidents come your way.