Plumbing problems can quickly deplete your bank account. In addition to repairing the issue, you may have damaged flooring, cabinetry or personal items. Proper slab leak detection in can help prevent issues as well as quickly resolve water damage. At Ben Franklin, we can provide regular plumbing check-ups to ensure your system is operating correctly. Additionally, we can quickly identify and repair the source of your leak to prevent further damage to your home.

Fixing the Problem

Slab leaks happen when plumbing running under your home is damaged or faulty. You may be in need of professional help if you notice signs of water damage. These can include hearing running water when faucets are not on, visible cracks in your foundation and warm, wet or discolored areas on your floor. Replacing hardwood flooring today can cost between $12 and $30 a square foot, not to mention additional costs for plumbing repair.

To prevent further damage and scary bills, call a qualified plumbing company for slab leak detection. They can do an inspection to identify where the leak is and quickly stop the water from spreading into other areas of your home. For regular maintenance, it is a good idea to have a plumber run pressure tests on your system to ensure you do not have any slab leaks in the works.

Call the Professionals

Whether you have an existing slab leak or want to prevent future problems, contact Ben Franklin. We can quickly and professionally resolve your plumbing issues, as well as help maintain your system to prevent future leaks. Contact us today.

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