A home experiencing water damage is a home likely to face costly repairs in the future. Even a tiny leak can turn into rotting wood flooring, cause severe water problems, and harbor the growth of unhealthy mold. Worst of all, water leaks waste hundreds of dollars each year they go undetected and un-repaired.

A leak is no laughing matter. That slow drip in your bathroom faucet or that wet spot you can’t identify under your washing machine may be hiding severe flooring damage or other types of water issues in your home. In fact, the damages that can be caused by leaking pipes is immeasurable and costly.

  • Pipes can become eroded and rusted, which can lead to poor water quality or even burst pipes.
  • Wood flooring can become rotted and warped, and can cause whole sections of flooring to bulge.
  • Mold can grow in areas that are continually moist, which can cause detrimental health issues if gone untreated.

When it comes to leak detection, it’s wise to handle the issue as soon as it is noticed to best protect your home and family and in order to prevent costly emergency plumbing repair.

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