The weather across the county is getting colder as the winter months approach. The professional plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing want you to make sure among the travel arrangements, gift shopping, and family activities, you make sure to take proper precautions with preventative plumbing maintenance.

If something goes wrong over the holidays, make sure to call a plumber to fix the job. Don’t take the plumbing maintenance in your home for granted. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can help you avoid plumbing problems this winter with a few tips below.

Water heater inspection

Water heaters are used more often in the winter time because of the cooler temperatures but they are also under more stress because of the increase in use. Have your water heater inspected so you aren’t left to deal with cold or no water for any period of time.

Check the temperature of your water heater

Most water heaters should not be set higher than 120 degrees. Energy efficiency is important to the life of your water heater and your budget over the winter. Most of the water heated will not be used and therefore wasted.

Examine the water heater for leaks or drips

Examining exposed pipes and inside faucets for leaking of any kind will help save energy, waste, and possibly prevent future costly repairs.

Call your preventative plumbing maintenance company or visit us online for professional plumbing service this winter.