Why Is My Garbage Disposal Broken?

food near sink garbage disposal

If your garbage disposal is broken, it could be because it’s worn out. If you’ve had your garbage disposal for a while, it’s probably time to get a professional to come take a look at it. There’s also a chance you put something in it that it couldn’t handle.

Garbage disposals break for a number of different reasons. Don’t let your broken appliance stink up your kitchen or become a breeding ground for bacteria—read this post to get your broken garbage disposal back in order.

Why is my garbage disposal broken?

There are two main reasons that a garbage disposal usually breaks down. They are:

  • You put something in it that it couldn’t handle. There are more things you shouldn’t put in a garbage disposal than things you should. It’s a piece of delicate machinery that can be damaged by a lot. Don’t put seeds, bones, or pits in your disposal. Don’t put in coffee ground, fibrous vegetables, or egg shells. Avoid anything other than food waste, and when you do dispose of food waste, make sure the pieces are manageably small.
  • It’s old and the mechanics have worn out. Sometimes things break. They break because they were used improperly. They break because they were improperly made. More often than not, though, things break because they’re worn out. When was the last time you had someone by to take a look at your home’s plumbing appliances? It’s probably been a while.

What should I do if I have a broken garbage disposal?

Firstly, you should stop trying to use it. Attempting to run a non-functional garbage disposal will only make any existing problems worse. After that, you’re going to want to call a professional plumber. Your garbage disposal isn’t just an empty container beneath your sink. It’s connected to multiple hoses and drains. If not handled properly, any one of these can lead to further problems. Leaks, damage, and mold development are all risks of an improperly repaired garbage disposal. Plus, having a plumber come to your house for a garbage disposal repair is the perfect opportunity to have them check on the status of the rest of your plumbing. You never know what hidden problems might get uncovered and fixed sooner than they would have otherwise.

How can I prevent future garbage disposal problems?

The easiest way to prevent garbage disposal problems is by knowing how to use it properly. Take care of your garbage disposal by following these rules:

  • Never pour hot grease down your garbage disposal. Once it cools it will harden, coating blades and causing build-up in pipes.
  • Never put bones, seeds or pits inside the garbage disposal. They’ll dull the blades.
  • Never put trash in the garbage disposal. Just because it’s called a garbage disposal doesn’t make it the same as a trash can.
  • Always run water when using the disposal. This helps the entire process run more smoothly.

A broken garbage disposal is a useless garbage disposal. Not only that, but it can turn into a stinky, icky bacteria trap. Avoid these problems by getting your garbage disposal fixed as quickly as you notice a problem. Small plumbing problems become big if you let them sit, after all. Whatever size your problems may be, there’s a team at Ben Franklin Plumbing in Dallas, Texas. Request an appointment today!