Sworn Enemies of the Garbage Disposal

The experienced team of plumbers here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas has a wealth of experience in handling garbage disposal repair, often after the disposal met something that it just wasn’t up to task to handle. Garbage disposal service is just one of the many affordable, professional, and punctual services we offer.

What to Avoid

While we are always ready to come to the rescue, the following are some troublemakers known to wreak havoc that leads to garbage disposal repair:

  • Coffee Grinds – Coffee grinds are notorious clog causers, as they tend to clump up in pipes and trap grease. Disposals are no exception; grinds are best left to the trash.
  • Fruits and Vegetables – Most fruits and veggies are fine for the disposal, but pits, seeds, stems, and artichokes, banana peels, pineapple skins, and other rough materials can dull or even break a disposal’s blades.
  • Grains – Rice, pastas, potatoes, and other grains are known to expand into a gluey clump in drains, often causing the kind of clogs that necessitate garbage disposal repair. This is particularly true with dried or uncooked grains.
  • Grease – Similar to coffee grinds, even a small amount of oil, lard, butter, or any other type of grease can create nasty clogs and hamper a disposal’s grinding ability.

If your disposal is acting up or not working at all, our team of plumbers is standing by to provide top notch garbage disposal repair and solve other plumbing related problems. For more information on how Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas can help you, please contact us.