Simple Ways to Customize a Small Bathroom

If you have a small bathroom that needs updating or you want it to look more luxurious, there are many ways for custom details that can turn a drab bathroom into something you and your guests love.

Consider Your Shower

Install a new shower head.  Faucets and fixtures can turn an older looking shower into a vintage spa.  You may want to consider a low flow shower head if you are concerned about the amount of water used in your West Palm Beach, FL home.  If you get a shower head with different settings, everyone will appreciate being able to customize it.  While you are working on your shower, consider installing a screen for your drain, so you can prevent hair from clogging it.

To get that custom and luxurious look that you want your bathroom to have, make sure you have a shower curtain and rod that go well with the color scheme of your bathroom.  Something that has too many colors will not look luxurious, while one base color and a secondary color will help the small room pop.

Toilets and Sinks

Installing a new toilet seat is a wonderful way to renew your bathroom.  There are many seats to choose from, and they can make your bathroom look and feel like it was customized.

Adding a new and improved faucet to your bathroom sink can help you change the whole style of the bathroom.  Even though this is a small thing, guests will notice the detail and how it elevates the rest of the bathroom.


Finish your bathroom off with high-quality rugs and towels so everyone can enjoy your new luxurious space.  Consider different textures and designs to accentuate the existing flooring and towel rods in your bathroom.  Unique mirrors are a fantastic way to change the look of the room completely.  Hang art for a final change that is unique!

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