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Smart Plumbing Trends

Smart plumbing trends

Smart plumbing trends are worth your time to understand. As homes get smarter and more connected, our plumbing is too. Sure, you can use your Alexa to check your fridge and turn lights on and off, but can you imagine a home that tells you when you have a leak in the crawlspace?

From homes that monitor their own plumbing to reusing water from your sinks and washing machine on your lawn automatically, the future is bright when it comes to smart plumbing trends.

Brain Pipes

If you have a smart home, you know that the “brain” is usually your hub – or your voice assistant. However, Brain Pipes are a new concept in plumbing. These pipes actually communicate with each other and can tell you when there is a problem.

The magic here starts at the main valve, which instead of being open to flood your entire plumbing system with water all the time, defaults to closed. Each faucet or water outlet can send a request for water – then the main valve opens and sends water to that specific outlet.

Because of that integrated communication, these Brain Pipes can also tell if there is a leak along the way. That kind of peace of mind is something every homeowner can appreciate.

Reuse, Recycle, Re-think Water

Water conservation is a huge theme in plumbing advancements. Gray water recycling systems allow you to automatically recycle used water from your home’s sinks, dishwashers, and washing machines into your lawn irrigation system. Gray water, not black water (toilet and septic), is generally safe for your yard, and this system can save people up to 70 percent on their water bill.

ETwater, a Jain USA subsidiary, is a cloud-based system that controls irrigation for you based on factors like what plants are growing, where you are, recent precipitation, and the temperature. This system is currently more for corporations and high-end homes, but we expect to see it more widely used soon as with most tech.

Smart Appliances, Smarter Homes

Of course, we have to mention smart appliances, like smart water heaters that only heat what you need and only as much as necessary for your needs. Then some toilets can sense how much water is required to flush. There are also faucets that you can control from an app on your mobile or that turn themselves off after a set time so that you never face a huge bill or flooded sink again.

LED Temperature Monitors

That smart water heater has an ally now, too - LED temperature gauges built right into your faucet. That prevents you from accidentally putting your hands into what feels like lava! These faucets can show exact temps or an LED screen that shows green for cool water and red for hot.

The Future of Home Plumbing is Technical!

Homeowners take a deep interest in their house, even the parts they aren’t experts on, like plumbing or electrical. When it comes to smart home advances, plumbing trends lead us to believe that there will be many exciting advances in the coming years.

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