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Old Houses = Old Pipe Problems

Classic. Charming. Elegant.
That’s how you describe your gorgeous old home.
Age has gifted your wooden floors with a worn, rustic style. What’s more, the brick or stone outside looks as handsome as the day it was built.
The plumbing though, not so much. Not so charming or elegant.
For pipes, age isn’t just a number. Read on to learn how old pipes get clogged, break down, and contaminate your drinking water with lead.

old, rusty pipes

How Old is Too Old?

I live in the suburbs, not an old house. Do I still need to pay attention?

Of course you do. Suburban homes can have old, faulty pipes too. Ultimately, the age of the pipes, not the home itself determines the risk.
Your house can be so old, George Washington ate in your dining room, but the pipes could have been replaced in a renovation.
However, your modern-style suburban home can look younger than it is, but the half-century old pipes might contain lead.

50 Years of Difference

Cell Phones…
The Internet…
Artificial Intelligence…
Sure. We all know those are kind of a big deal, but what about up-to-date pipes — let’s hear it for those modern marvels! PVC piping might not get the heart racing like the possibility of a friendly HAL 2000, but maybe it should. Modern piping is durable and made of materials that are safe for you and your family!

New piping is much better than old piping

Old houses have pipes made of questionable materials. Such as:

  • Clay
  • Tar Paper
  • Lead

Old Pipe Problems

Here are four issues caused by plumbing born before you were.

Performance Troubles and Clogs

If your home has old pipes, you’ve probably had more plumbers to your house than you can count on your fingers and toes.
Obsolete pipes are at a risk to clog from normal use. In fact, the pipes are often so weak they even fail to handle thicker double-ply toilet paper, meaning its single-ply only. Everybody’s bottom hates that!
In addition, old pipes perform badly, meaning weak water pressure and inconsistent temperature.

Leaks Big and Small

Corrosion often undermines elderly pipes. Small leaks, called “pinhole leaks” occur as the result.

As you’d expect, small leaks cause minor damage to your walls and insulation. The real reason to fear pinhole leaks is because they are the first step to BIG-TIME leaks that can leave your house uninhabitable.

If you discover your small leaks have been getting bigger, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Pleasantville ASAP.

Sewer Line

In the same way that old pipes break down, your home’s ancient sewer line is also at risk.
Old Sewer lines are:

  • More susceptible to normal-use clogs
  • More susceptible to tree branch blockages
  • More likely to collapse under their own weight

Old or new, if your sewer line clogs, raw sewage will back up into your home.

“Stuff” in the Water (including Lead!)

Water from older pipes tends to bring “extras” along with it. These extras aren’t exactly a coupon for a free chicken dinner.
For example, outdated metal pipes tend to rust. Flecks rust likes to show up in your drinking or showering water.
Furthermore, lead was a component in many older water pipes. That means that lead can be a component in your drinking water today. Not safe.
Lead has been shown to cause physical and mental delays in children under the age of six.

I Have Old Pipes! Help Me!

If your pipes are a relic, they need to go. We can all agree on that.
We wish there was an easy fix, we really do.
In order to knockout all of the issues associated with old pipes, you need to replace every single foot of plumbing.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Pleasantville to the Rescue

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Pleasantville, we are experts at repiping old systems. We get the job done right and keep you in the loop.
Homeowners often have their plumbing replaced during another kind of renovation. Two birds, one stone type of philosophy.

Plumbing Inspections

If you feel comfortable to keep your old pipes around until your remodeling project, signing up for a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Annual Maintenance Program can bridge the gap. Regular inspections will keep you informed of any incoming emergencies.

Furthermore, you’ll enjoy priority service and discounted maintenance. Let’s face it, with antique plumbing, little things will go wrong, and you’re going to need it.


Whether you live in a rustic gem or a suburban home, old pipes are no good.
They can create clogs, work poorly, and endanger your children for lead poisoning.
Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Pleasantville can replace your old pipes or keep them going as long as possible. When you have old plumbing, you need an ally to handle it.

Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Pleasantville at (609) 604-8364 to have a conversation about old pipes and all of your plumbing needs.