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4 Plumbing Problems You Should Never Ignore

Many homeowners don’t think about their plumbing until a problem arises. Whether the toilet is running longer than usual or the sink continues to back up, these plumbing problems can indicate something more serious. You should never ignore the following plumbing problems in your Orlando, Florida, home:

Overflowing Toilet

When you flush the toilet, the water should go down immediately. If it rises before it falls, consider calling a plumber. While a plunger may temporarily fix the problem, the issue may be a clog further down the line. If this clog goes untreated and the water rises enough to overflow, you’ll be left with a large cleanup and potentially thousands of dollars in water damage.

Weird Smelling Water

The water coming out of your pipes shouldn’t smell. If it does, that could indicate a problem with your water sanitation or piping. For instance, a rotten egg smell might mean that you have a sewer problem. You use this water to shower, cook and drink. Therefore, it’s important to have any weird smells checked as soon as possible.

Discolored Water

The color of the water running from your pipes should appear clear. Any other color could mean that your pipes have rusted and that the rust is flowing into your home. It’s also possible the water heater rods have rusted. A professional can inspect the discoloring and test the water.

Leaking Water

The constant drip of a leaking pipe is much more than a daily annoyance. Leaking pipes will increase your household water bill and, depending on the location of the leak, could also lead to water damage in your home. Sometimes, leaks are easy to fix. However, if tightening the faucet doesn’t stop the problem, it may be time to call a professional.

Ignoring some of the most common household plumbing problems can be a mistake. Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Orlando today at (407) 584-1042 to discuss your household plumbing concerns.