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Are you “too tall” for your toilet?

With the average height for adult men being around 5’ 9” and adult women around 5’ 4”, it’s understandable how many of us may not think of ourselves as “tall”. Yet you may be surprised to learn that you may be too tall for your toilet.

Tall man standing by a toilet

Why? Well, most toilets sit only about 15 inches from the floor to the seat, and that can have a lot of folks experiencing some serious knee bend and squatting when sitting down on or getting up from their toilet. While some may think that’s fine, it’s not so great if you suffer from knee or joint pain or have recently had a hip replaced or other surgery.

Here’s a solution that can help alleviate some of the pain:

A comfort height toilet

A comfort height toilet is taller in height than an average toilet. While there are a lot of benefits of using a comfort height toilet, adults of all ages report that they make it easier to sit and get up from a sitting position. The taller height is easier on the knee joints and back, especially for anyone with joint problems, back issues, or who may have recently had surgery on their knees, hips, or back.

Benjamin Franklin comfort height toilets sit 17 inches off the floor. Typical toilet seat heights are 14 or 15 inches. That makes it easier to sit down and get up from your toilet seat with less strain on knees and hips.

And don’t forget to ask us about these other great solutions that can help increase your comfort and safety in the bathroom:

Soft close toilet seat lids: you simply give it a nudge downward and the specialized hinges slowly and quietly close the seat and lid.

Single handle faucets: A single handle faucet, versus a faucet that has separate hot and cold knobs, can make it easier for those with arthritis, for example, to turn the water on or off by simply pushing or pulling rather than having to turn knobs.

Handheld shower heads: this is a shower head that extends down from the fixture, almost like a cord or hose, and lets you direct the flow of water where it is needed, making it easier for those with limited mobility to shower.

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