Blocked Sewer Line, A Home Owner Horror Story

Some of the scariest stories are the ones in which people are innocently going about their day only to have a scary monster creep up behind them. What if this monster lived in your house and you’ve been feeding him for years without even realizing it?

The monster isn’t the boogey man or a zombie, it’s actually a blocked sewer line! Doesn’t sound that scary? A blocked sewer line can cause gallons of raw sewage to bubble into you’re your bathtub. How would clean up that kind of mess? Could you feel comfortable taking a shower or bath there ever again?

Learn about the common causes of sewer line blockages and find out what you can do to keep your home from becoming a house of horrors.


Here are some of the ways that you might be clogging your sewer line without you realizing it.

  • You’re using your toilet as a trash can — Flushing tissues, napkins, diapers, feminine products, and anything that is not toilet paper can cause blockage in your sewer line. Flushable wipes are not as flushable as you may think. It’s one of the most common items we remove from a drains
  • You’re overestimating your garbage disposal – Dumping too much down your garbage disposal or using it to dispose of the wrong items can cause blockages.
  • You’re pouring grease down your drain — You might think that dumping grease and fat down a drain might be ok because they are both liquids. However, they’re only liquids when they’re warm. When they cool, they can harden in your pipes and create a blocked sewer line.

Get to the Root of the Problem

Another common cause of a blocked sewer line is tree roots. Unfortunately, sometimes you can be doing everything right as a home owner and still end up with a problem any way. That’s the case with tree root infiltration into your sewer line.

Tree roots can infiltrate minor gaps in your sewer line, creating the risk of major damage. A small entrance invites the roots to grow into the pipes, creating holes and blockages. Eventually the tree roots expand and block the pipe completely.

Old Home, Old Sewer Lines

Sewage line blockages can also be caused by the destruction of the line itself. Most homes now use plastic sewer lines but older homes often have cast iron or clay piping. Those materials can break down over time and become broken, cracked, or collapsed. Your old line can also get disconnected over time, causing a sewer line blockage.

Sewer Line Solution

When you’re up against such a horrifying problem, you need a guaranteed solution. That’s what Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Mount Airy does for you.

First of all, we use sewer line cameras to identify the source of your sewer line blockage. Whether it’s a clog, a root, or old pipe deterioration, we will find and diagnose the source of your problem.

We also have several, sewer line solutions, ranging from cable clearing all the way to total sewer excavation and re-trenching.

We are the sewer line experts, always ready to save the day.

If you think that even one of these causes could be blocking your sewer, contact us today to schedule a sewer line inspection and repair. Save yourself from having your own home owner horror story

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