When we take showers, we don't really think about the components that make them possible — just turn the handle, and the water we need for bathing comes from the faucet. However, there are several shower parts that work behind the scenes to make showers happen.

Faucet cartridges are one of these important parts, and while you may not think about them often or at all, you certainly will if one ever breaks. Let's take a look at the reasons why you might need to get a new shower cartridge and why they should never be ignored when they break.

The Main Reasons You'll Need a Replacement Cartridge

Neverending Water

If water continues dripping from the tub spout, you likely need a new shower cartridge. The cartridge controls water flow and temperature, and a worn or blocked one can cause leaks.

Replacing the old cartridge with a correct replacement ensures a tight seal, stopping leaks. A professional plumber can install the new cartridge, restoring proper function to your system. By fixing the issue promptly, you prevent potential water damage to your house and improve water pressure and flow.

The Handle Gets Stuck

A shower handle that gets stuck and won't move is another sign that you need to replace the shower cartridge. When it becomes worn or damaged, the handle may become difficult to turn — causing frustration and reducing the effectiveness of your shower. 

Installing a new shower cartridge can resolve the problem and allow the handle to move smoothly so that controlling water flow becomes normal again. A professional plumber can assist with the replacement to ensure the correct installation of the new, pressure-balanced cartridge.

The Handle Doesn't Work

When your shower handle fails to turn on water, it's possible that the cartridge is damaged. An old or broken cartridge can obstruct water flow, leaving you without the shower you need to get your day started. By replacing the faulty cartridge with a new one, you restore the proper function of your faucet and ensure a consistent and reliable water supply. To guarantee a proper fit and avoid any issues with water pressure, reach out to a pro for the replacement.

Why Is Replacing an Old Shower Cartridge Important?

Save Water, Save Money

Replacing an old shower cartridge is important for preventing water wastage. A damaged or leaking cartridge can lead to continuous water flow from the shower head or tub spout — wasting a significant amount of water over time. As a result, installing a new shower cartridge will make sure that water flows only when needed so that you can conserve water and reduce utility costs.

Lower Bathroom Humidity

High bathroom humidity can facilitate the growth of mold and mildew, which is another reason why you shouldn't ignore an old and damaged shower cartridge. A leaking or malfunctioning cartridge can cause constant water drips that create excess moisture in the bathroom. 

By installing a new shower cartridge, you can prevent these leaks and deter unwanted growth. Make sure your shower system functions properly through timely cartridge replacement, which protects your bathroom from humidity-related issues and preserves the overall hygiene of your living space.

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