hand punching through waterBflev 300X 229Clean air and water are two essential staples of life that we all take for granted. When you work hard to keep your home spic and span, you assume that your living environment is healthy and safe for you and your loved ones. 

This issue has never been more important than it is right now, as we continue to live through the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Unfortunately, just because you can't see pollutants in the air you breathe or contaminants in your water doesn't mean everything is perfect. In fact, studies have shown that indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air, and the water supply in many homes contains a variety of unseen impurities — from "hard water" minerals such as calcium and magnesium, to chlorine and iron. 

While that certainly doesn't mean your home is unsafe, poor water quality can have a negative impact on everything from your health to the performance of your washing machine to your utility bills.  

The good news is, you absolutely can do something about it! Benjamin Franklin Plumbing located in Bristol, PA, offers water quality testing throughout Bucks County, and we can provide a variety of water treatment options to help homeowners rid their water of contaminants. 

It's a good idea to schedule a professional water testing, just for your own peace of mind. Once you identify exactly what's in your water, you and your plumber can decide what, if any, steps need to be taken. 

You definitely should consider your water treatment options if you're experiencing any of the issues listed in this infographic.

5 signs your home needs water treatment

Ben Franklin Levittown 2020-Infographic

Installing a whole-home water conditioning system can provide countless benefits, from softer skin and silkier hair to less sweat and elbow grease when you're cleaning your kitchen and bathroom. In fact, for homes with hard water, a water softener will pretty much pay for itself when you consider how much money you'll save with more efficient appliances and fewer plumbing repairs!

For more information about our water treatment services in Levittown, PA, or to schedule an appointment for water testing, don't hesitate to contact us today. We're ready to do whatever we can to improve your water quality and give you a healthier house to come home to!

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