We all turn into DIY plumbers when faced with the adversity of clogged pipes. What's a little back up when you have the power of drain cleaner on your side? However, you might not realize that drain cleaners are only a quick fix. In fact, they can cause more permanent damage in the long run. What is currently a straightforward and uncomplicated routine repair by a professional plumber can turn into a plumbing nightmare with the continued use of drain cleaner.

Why drain cleaners are dangerous for your pipes:

  • Toxic Chemicals– Drain cleaners are often made up of toxic chemicals that are harmful to both pipes and skin. Even bottles claiming to be "safe on pipes" are dangerous due to their corrosive nature. These chemically-suffused cleaners work by breaking down the blockage in the drain, but they are so powerful, they actually eat away at the surrounding plumbing as well. If you're determined to DIY drain clean, consider using an all-natural enzymatic cleaner; they're not as strong, but they do take care of minor clogs without the lasting damage.
  • Create a Bigger Problem– Sometimes, the simplest solution is not always the answer. Although most of us are inclined to reach for the quick fix, drain cleaner doesn't eliminate 100% of the blockage. Most times, it breaks down just enough blockage to get a bit of water through. Eventually, it will severely damage the pipes and have you reaching for your phone to call an emergency plumbing repair service in Levittown.

Try these preventative measures instead:

  • Avoid putting these in your drain.
  • Use hot water– For small blockages and routine cleaning, try pouring a generous amount of very hot water down the drain, which will serve to melt the clogs. Remember to flush away the melted debris with cool water.
  • Use baking soda and vinegar– This is an age-old trick that works wonders! One-half cup of baking soda, followed by one-half cup of vinegar works as a great drain cleaner. Let it sit overnight and flush away with hot water in the morning.

Now that you know how to clean your drains properly, go forth and be a DIY plumber. However, if you do experience any emergency plumbing issues, Ben Franklin emergency plumbing in Washington Crossing and surrounding areas is just one call away.