Sewer problems are never fun, especially when repair and maintenance involve digging up your property to access sewer lines. Adding snow and hard, frozen soil into the mix only makes the process even more difficult. Home and business owners alike can experience a number of issues with their sewer lines that all require the attention of a professional plumber. However, they may be able to avoid these problems if they schedule regular maintenance appointments.

Looking for affordable and dependable maintenance plans? Ben Franklin Levittown offers several plumbing repair and maintenance plans that can help you avoid disaster. However, if the worst happens, you can rely on us for emergency plumbing services in Montgomeryville, PA, and the surrounding areas. These are just a few of the sewer problems that we help people with every day:

  • Tree and Bush Roots Over long periods of time, roots can invade and damage sewer lines. If left unaddressed, they can cause severe blockages and greatly hinder attempts to clean and clear the system.
  • Leaking – People usually recognize issues with their sewer system when they spot leakage inside or outside the house. Unfortunately, the leaks you *can* see may just be the tip of the iceberg where your sewer issues are concerned. If you spot any, call a plumbing service immediately.
  • Blockages – Property owners also tend to notice something is awry when their sinks, toilets, and showers drain more slowly. Food and other organic matter can build up in sewer pipes, eventually causing clogs that will not clear on their own. This problem is especially common in households that use garbage disposals.
  • Bellied Pipes – Changing soil conditions can cause sewer lines to sag in places, creating a valley that naturally collects waste and other solid particles, potentially damaging the system.
  • Erosion and Corrosion – Corrosive liquids can gradually wear away the inner lining of sewer pipes over time. Some pipes erode just by virtue of age, especially if they are made with traditional materials like copper.

All of these issues can be nipped in the bud with regular visits from our expert plumbers. In case of catastrophe, however, don't be afraid to reach out to us for help – we pride ourselves on our responsive, emergency plumbing service. To learn more about our protection plans or our other services, like water heater repair in the Montgomery County, PA area, call (215) 515-0918.