October is a month full of leaves, crisp autumn air, and lots of candy. But as the air takes a sharp turn, the last thing you want is a cold shower. If you find yourself in need of a water heater repair in Plymouth Meeting, be sure to contact Ben Franklin Levittown at (215) 515-0918 for immediate service.

While a malfunctioning water heater can be a pain, some water heaters take a turn for the sinister. While rare, water heater explosions do happen, and homeowners should check on their heater regularly to prevent a dangerous rupture. Here are three things that can cause your water heater to burst.

  1. Sediment. Sediment build up in traditional tank water heaters can affect storage capacity, doubling the time it takes to heat the water, and potentially causing overheating. You'll be able to tell that this is a problem if your heater starts to make a popping noise. To keep things flowing, drain and flush your water heater twice a year.
  2. Rust. Since water tanks are made mostly of steel and iron, over time the water will cause the tank to rust. There is a rod located in your tank that will rust instead of the tank itself. It is when this "sacrificial" anode rod deteriorates that the tank will begin to rust. This problem is easy to spot as your hot water will be a brown, rusty color. To prevent the tank from rusting, have a professional from Ben Franklin Levittown inspect the anode rod annually.
  3. Pressure. Pressure builds when the temperature is set too high. The T&P (temperature and pressure) relief valve will regulate the pressure that builds up in the tank. When the valve opens, it releases some water to keep the overall pressure down. If the valve goes bad, you will notice a leak. This is a sign of an emergency plumbing situation waiting to happen! Once there's a leak, the pressure will continue to build and eventually burst or explode.

Broken water heaters are just one of the many emergency plumbing services in Bucks County in that we specialize. You can also rely on us for water treatment and drain cleaning services. Be sure your house doesn't become a house of horrors this October and schedule a routine maintenance check.