If you own a home, it's important to know what's in your water. Water simply keeps your home up and running. You use water for bathing, drinking, cleaning dishes, washing clothes, and more. The water in your home comes in constant contact with your body and with your belongings.

That's why you need to know what's in your water so you can keep yourself and your family safe. After testing, if your water has harmful chemicals in it, it's vital to get water treatment in your Montgomery County, PA home to ensure that your family is safe and getting the best water possible.

If your home is part of a municipal water supply, it is likely that your plumber already knows what is in your water and can tell you about any problems. However, if you have a private water supply, getting your water tested is necessary. If water testing and treatment is ignored, it could completely ruin the quality of your water.

There are several reasons to have your water tested. Here are some problems that could affect the quality of your water that you should definitely look out for:


If there is hard water in your home's water supply, it could cause substantial damage to your plumbing and cost you lot of money in the long run. Hard water leaves spots and streaks on dishware, damages fabric, and can damage appliances.

What to do:

If you get your water tested and the results show that you have hard water, you should get a water softening service. Softer water will save you money on plumbing and cleaning products and will make your belongings cleaner.


Chlorine organically forms in water to disinfect, but it has been known to contain cancer-causing agents. It can destroy your plastic or rubber products and affect the health of your family. Also, chlorine smells and tastes bad, which makes it unpleasant for bathing and drinking. There is no need for chlorine once water reaches the home.

What to do:

You can simply call a plumbing service and request for them to install a carbon water filtration system in your home. This will remove a substantial amount of chlorine from your water.


Iron is the chemical that leaves red-orange marks in your appliances. Not only can it ruin the appearance of your toilet bowl and sink, but iron also has a metallic taste and musty odor. Iron also causes a slimy build up in the water closet of toilets.

What to do:

A simple water treatment will reduce the amount of iron build-up in your water supply.

These are some of the most common unwanted substances that can find their way into your water supply. That's why it's imperative to get water testing, water treatment, and possibly drain cleaning service in your Montgomery County home. By calling Ben Franklin Levittown, you can receive any plumbing service necessary to keep your home's water clean and healthy.