There will be a time in every homeowner's life when they encounter a plumbing situation they cannot and should not handle on their own. That's why it is important to be able to recognize when it is a dire situation and when to call a professional.

If you find water damage in your home from an undefined source, you should seek help. Even if you are able to find the source, but are not 100% sure on how to handle it, it is best to rely on someone who does. It is easy to take a situation and make it worse by either panicking or tinkering with complex parts you aren't familiar with. Sometimes it is hard, but wise to admit that something is outside of your ability and it's time to call a plumber in Montgomery County, PA. To avoid any long-term damage, keep the phone number handy of a plumber that also offers emergency plumbing services in Montgomery County.

However, there are still small things you can still do on your own in an emergency. These things can help prevent further damage from occurring, and otherwise, begin the process of tackling the problem. Before a plumber arrives, you can:

  1. Shut off the water

Depending on the issue, it is best to immediately turn off the nearest source of water or to entirely turn off the main water valve in your home for flooding or more trying emergencies. When the issue is with a toilet in your home, it can be as quick as turning the valve at the base or back of your commode to shut it off.

  1. Open spigots

If you shut off the main water valve in your home, you also should turn on any spigots outside, like your garden hose. What this does is drain any excess water left in the pipes, moving it away from danger areas.

  1. Turn off your water heater

If you shut off the main water valve in your home, you should also turn off your water heater to avoid damaging the unit. This prevents heat from building up inside of it and ultimately avoids the risk of it bursting or overheating. If your water heater is gas, be sure to turn the gas off first.

  1. Stop the small leaks

If you are able to identify where a leak is happening, there are multiple things you can do to limit the water damage while you are waiting for a plumber to arrive. If you have plumber's tape available, you can use that to stunt smaller leaks or you can place buckets or stuff towels under or around where the dripping is occurring. Make a note where all these leaks are and be sure to let the plumber know all of their locations to ensure things are taken care of in a safe order.

  1. Wait for your plumber to arrive

By relying on an experienced plumber, you will be in good hands. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Levittown will always be available to make sure your emergency is taken care of the right way. We are the people to call when you need help.