Being conscientious about not clogging your pipes will help you to prevent serious complications with your drainage system. Below, are three tips on preventing clogged pipes from ruining your day:

  1. Be Smart with Your Garbage Disposal

Grease, fats, oils, egg shells, pasta, rice, potatoes, bones, stringy and fibrous foods, pits or seeds, and coffee grounds are all things that should never be stuffed down your garbage disposal but, rather, placed in a trashcan. For most other foods, cold water should be used to keep parts from sticking to the interior of your pipes, and causing serious clogging and other complications. If you put the prohibited foods and food parts that were mentioned into your garbage disposal, you may end up having to contact a plumbing company near Montgomery County, such as Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Levittown.

  1. Be Cautious About Flushing Particular Objects

The experts recommend to be wary about flushing certain "flushable" objects down your toilet, or else you may end up having to deal with serious clogging. If you're having any second thoughts about flushing a particular object then don't do it! From facial tissues, paper towels napkins and diapers, to vitamins, medicines and pharmaceuticals there are some things that drains just can't handle. You might not only have to use a plunger or clean up overflown water by taking the risk of flushing one of the mentioned objects, but you might create a serious blockage and subsequent sewage backup.

  1. Implement Sink Strainers

In order to prevent potentially harmful particles from entering into your drainage systems, you should consider implementing sink strainers in your kitchen and bathroom drains. These devices will restrict certain objects from gaining passage into your pipes, while still allowing water to flow easily through the strainer. By taking additional measures to prevent certain particles from flowing down your drain, you'll provide yourself with additional assurance that even if you or someone else does make a mistake the strainer will catch the object and, therefore, promote a healthier flow of water.

By being smart with your garbage disposal, cautious about flushing particular objects down your toilet, and implementing sink strainers, you'll help to prevent serious complications with your drainage system. Take proactive measures now before it's too late, or you might have to call a plumbing company, such as Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Levittown, who also specializes in air conditioner repair in Montgomery County, PA and surrounding regions.