When summer ends, and those brisk fall temperatures arrive, many people take some time to call a professional to perform some annual maintenance on their heating units. But, something else homeowners need to check on is their plumbing system.

Want to know how to ensure your plumbing system is ready for those frigid temperatures? Here are four easy fall plumbing tips to help reduce the chance that you will have plumbing problems when winter finally arrives:

Detach all outside water hoses.

You would think this would be a no-brainer. However, we have seen many plumbing issues that were the cause of water hoses still being attached to outside faucets. If you leave them be, any water left in the hoses will freeze and expand. This is bad because it can cause the water pipes in your home to crack and break.

If you know how, flush out your water heater.

There is no denying that your water heater goes into overdrive during the winter. So, if you want to help this appliance do its job correctly, we suggest that you flush it out so that any debris or sediment is removed.

Cover all exposed plumbing pipes that you can.

Do you have a basement? If you do, take a walk down there and check out your pipes. If there are any close to walls, it is wise to insulate them with something like heat tape to help prevent them from freezing over the winter.

Schedule a plumber to come out and review the efficiency of your entire plumbing system!

Having a plumber come out annually, biannually, or even monthly will certainly reduce the amount of plumbing issues you have. In fact, we suggest all of our customers to have their systems checked biannually or at least annually.

If you find yourself with any serious plumbing issues or need water heater repair in your Montgomery County or Bucks County, PA home, call a professional immediately. The longer you wait, the bigger the issue will get.