When a plumbing emergency occurs, the first thing you need to do is figure out if it is a true emergency. This is because not all of them are actual emergencies—as in you can wait until the morning or Monday (if it's a weekend) to call an emergency plumber.

As homeowners ourselves, we know that it is frustrating to find a toilet that won't stop running, a basement full of water, or a burst pipe. Two out of the three things we just mentioned would be actual plumbing emergencies. However, that is not to say that every plumber won't treat your "emergency" as an emergency if you think it is.

In order to help our customers better determine if the plumbing issue is a true emergency or not, we thought we would provide them with some things to think about before picking up the phone.

Ask yourself: Is it possible that I can wait to get this issue fixed?

This is the most important thing you need to determine before you call a local plumber. We also know that this is not the easiest question to answer. Therefore, here are a few examples of when you should probably call a plumber.

  • So, you have a water leak in your basement. You need to have access to the area right now or the water is causing damage to your furniture or other belongings. Call a plumber!
  • You have a toilet or sink that is leaking and/or overflowing. If you have other toilets and/or sinks in your home and it's an evening or weekend, you can wait to call a plumber! If this is your ONLY bathroom, yes, you should call someone!
  • The floor feels warm and you hear running water without actually seeing any water running. Chances are that you have a burst pipe! This is a tough situation to be in, but if it's a night or weekend you can wait until the next day or Monday. However, if you've been noticing this for some time, or your energy/water bills have been on the rise, call as soon as possible.

Ask yourself: Can I turn off the water?

Sometimes, plumbing emergencies can be disastrous. If you have the ability to turn off the water, by all means do it. Most plumbing companies charge extra for emergency services—especially on the weekends, so if you have a way to turn off the water it's time. Once you are done doing this you can go to Google.com and start looking for the closest plumber. If you cannot stand turning on and off the water for a short period of time or it affects your whole home, you can call.

When it all comes down to it, if you think that leaving any plumbing issue alone until a later date will do more damage than good—you need to call an emergency plumbing company immediately.

If you are still unsure as to whether or not you have a plumbing emergency, please feel free to call us here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Once we are aware of your issue, we will have a better idea of whether or not it should be treated as an emergency.