Fall is the perfect time to prepare your home for winter. You don't have the heat of summer to worry about, but the cold winds haven't quite started yet. Before the storms hit make sure to perform yearly maintenance so your home doesn't experience any unexpected problems that will be much more difficult to fix in the winter.

Clogged Gutters Horizontal Pic 1-300X 225

Gutters and downspouts are among the biggest problem areas on any house. If gutters are clogged, melting snow from the roof (caused by poor attic insulation) can cause the gutters to overflow. When the overflowing water freezes it will expand and damage eaves and roofs and even collapse gutters. A low-cost method of preventing these problems is to go on the roof with a leaf blower and blow the leaves out when they're dry.

It is also important to store garden hoses properly. Store hoses in a garage that doesn't get below freezing rather than a shed where they will crack from the low temperatures. Hang the hose up and allow it to drain or blow them out before putting up.

Service water heaters before winter so you know they will function properly throughout the season. If you need any water heater repairs in Bucks County you will want to have them done sooner rather than later.them in storage.

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