When plumbing emergencies strike, you should perform certain "first aid" techniques before help arrives. For burst pipes, leaks, or clogged drains, first cut off the water supply to these elements. In extreme cases, simple fixes such as plunging may not do the trick. Don't attempt to use tools you do not know how to use. Items such as snakes or augers can damage certain drains. Call one of the emergency plumbers in Newtown (Benjamin Franklin Plumbers is a good choice) and wait for their assistance. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing currently offers drain cleaning for only $99.

Frozen pipes are a bit of a different story. To prevent pipes from freezing, make sure to keep your house heated throughout the winter, drain the water out of outdoor faucets and pipes, and store hoses indoors. If pipes do freeze, you can thaw it on your own before the plumber gets there, but do so with care. This may go without saying, but torches and other open flames are not the preferred method. It might be more fun, but the Ghost Rider option is probably not the safest. Instead, gradually thaw pipes with hot towels or hair dryers.

Thankfully, these simple tips will help you easily get a plumbing emergency under control. The rest can be left to the professionals at Benjamin Franklin Plumbers.

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