There are several reasons why drains may clog, and trying to fix them on your own may get frustrating when nothing seems to work. It is recommended if you have constant drain problems that you contact an experienced plumber who can explain what may be causing the drains to clog. There are several plumbing services in Montgomery County to choose from. However, take the time to research their site and information before signing anything.

It is important that property owners understand what could cause clogged drains and ways to prevent them from occurring without paying for expensive repairs.

Sometimes when a drain becomes clogged you can immediately notice the water doesn't drain quickly. In other instances the waste continues to build up until it can no longer enter the plumbing system, slowly backing up into your home or business, damaging appliances and furniture.

Consider the following to avoid getting clogged drains:

  • Do not pour grease down a sink, especially if you are using hot water because the grease can solidify as it cools and goes down the plumbing system, creating a blockage.
  • Do not flush paper towels, cigarettes, and or feminine products because they do not break apart like tissue.
  • Do not place food particles, rice, or pasta through the garbage disposal because it can expand and clog your system.  
  • Make sure to use a filter or strainer to prevent hair from sitting in the pipes. Also, brush the hair away from a sink to prevent build-up.
  • Do not use bath salts because they do not dissolve as they should, and collect in the drain.

Remember to follow these suggestions to prevent any of these items from entering your draining system, and causing problems down the road that could be costly to fix.