You use your home’s water every day, but you probably don’t think too much about how it works. Every time you turn a faucet or flush a toilet, that water’s coming a long way to meet you! Despite all the pipes and processes your water goes through to move through your home, however, the journey is a surprisingly elegant and simple one.

Learning how your home plumbing carries water to you isn’t just interesting, either; it’s also helpful! The better you understand your plumbing, the better you’ll understand when something’s the matter with it. The faster you can identify a problem, the faster you can call us in to fix it! This is how your home water supply works. You’ll never turn a faucet the same way again!

As you can see, home water intake is a multi-step process. It involves city pipes, subterranean pipes, supply pipes, intake pipes, heater pipes, and more. That’s a lot of pipes! If there’s ever anything wrong with any of these pipes, the process will be compromised. When that happens, the journey we just outlined may not happen at all!

If you think you’re having a problem with your intake, give Ben Franklin a call. We have all the tools and knowhow we need to make sure everything flows the way it should. Just get in touch and we’ll make sure your water ends up where it should.