Nothing lasts forever… not even your home’s plumbing. In most cases, it takes years and years for a home’s plumbing to break down. Once it does, however, you have to act quickly. If you don’t, you run the risk of leaks, burst pipes, and all manner of other problems.

There’s a lot of knowledge that goes into knowing when it’s time to replace your old pipes. Luckily, that’s what Ben Franklin Plumbing experts are here for! Here’s how to recognize that you need new pipes, and what to do after you’ve decided it’s time.

What are your pipes made of?

This is the first, most important question you should ask. Unsurprisingly, different types of pipes have different life spans. Figuring out what kind of pipes you have will help you get an idea of how much life they have left in them.

Here’s a quick rundown on the most commonly-found varieties:

  • Cast iron and brass pipes last between 80 and 100 years but eventually succumb to rust and corrosion.
  • Copper pipes last up to 80 years and are corrosion resistant, but they’re more fragile than many of their counterparts.
  • PVC lasts between 20 and 40 years, and they’re especially strong against heat and chemical degradation.

Other signs

Once you know the lifespan of your pipes, it’ll be easier to determine they’re ready for repair or replacement. That’s not the only way to know, however. There are quite a few signs that your home’s pipes have become out of date. These include:

  • An increasing number of leaks, cracks, and corrosion.
  • Obvious signs of wetness at baseboards or behind appliances.
  • Flooring that has become water-stained or warped.
  • Visible rust coloring in the water that’s coming out of your faucets, toilet, shower head, etc.
  • Low water pressure that seems unresponsive to typical fixes.
  • Weird sounds coming from inside your wall such as gurgling, bubbling, or rattling.

Now you know the signs that it’s time to replace, how do you choose when to do it? If you’re noticing these signs, we don’t recommend waiting. Once problems start popping up they’re not going to stop. Your next step is to call a trusted plumbing company to ask about how to best take the next steps.

Remember: you can always count on the technicians at Ben Franklin Plumbing. We’ll walk you through the process and schedule a time to take care of it as quickly and efficiently as possible.