There seems to be no shortage of dishes in your home when you see them all piled high in your kitchen sink.

The stained plates, the worn scrub brushes, the time-consuming task ahead — all evidence of the fact that your home lacks a dishwasher.

Not to fear, though. Not having the cleaning machine means you get to be the cleaning machine and not have to grumble at a dishwasher when it doesn’t properly clean your dishes.

Perhaps you’re not too keen on the idea, or maybe you’re embracing this newfound task. Either way, there are benefits to being without one.

Here are a few tips to survive without a dishwasher:

1. Soak things

Before you roll up your sleeves and break out the sponges, soak the dishes. This will make it less of a hassle to clean them when food has been stuck on them for a while, which makes it more difficult to scrub clean. When you soak dishes, you give them a little extra time bathing in warm, soapy water, which releases and softens food particles for a better chance at coming clean.

2. Wash as you go

You’re probably familiar with the overwhelming feeling of trying to turn on the faucet as you maneuver around the stack of plates already resting in the sink. There’s a good chance, at one time or another, your sink has been too full to even start doing the dishes! Instead of making it one long process, wash as you go, cleaning plates and utensils immediately after using. When that pot of water is boiling, wash the other utensils and items you’ve already dirtied.

3. Tackle a few one-pot meals

Ah, the feeling of accomplishment as you successfully prepared a meal in one pot. When you use everything but the kitchen sink in your cooking and baking endeavors, you’re creating a lot more work. Try incorporating some one-pot meals into your cooking routine. It’ll save you some time for doing the things you love instead of doing the dishes and make it easier to survive without a dishwasher. You might discover a new favorite recipe!

4. Invest in drying racks

Don’t overlook the importance of drying racks. If you’re short on time and don’t want to dry everything by hand right away, invest in a drying rack or two and leave them to rest while you set off to do something else.

5. Put dishes away as soon as they’re dry

Just as you can wash dishes as soon as they’ve been used, you should also put away dishes as soon as they’re dry. Not only will this eliminate clutter, it will also help you stay efficient in the kitchen and avoid a back-up when there’s another meal to prepare.

6. Treat yourself

You deserve a little something extra. Shop for some cute or colorful scrub brushes you can use as you’re doing the dishes, or look around for a special soap with a good smell or moisturizer. These may be small matters, but they can be a real treat when forcing yourself to do house work.

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