Water is suddenly filling your tub instead of flowing down the drain. You think back to what possibly could have fallen down your drain, or how much hair could be causing that clog.

What’s your first reaction? If you’re reaching for a chemical drain cleaner in hopes of cleaning the clog and once again taking a shower without standing in three inches of water, think again.

Did you know chemical drain cleaners contain hazardous materials that result in chemical burns, blindness and small explosive reactions? Those are just a few of the risks associated with chemical drain cleaners. You could be avoiding those risks altogether by choosing an enzymatic or natural drain cleaner like BioBen® or calling a professional. Here’s what your chemical drain cleaners are actually doing to your home, your community and you:

Drain Cleaners are Damaging Your Pipes

When there’s a clog in your drain, pouring chemicals down the pipes could just make the situation worse by sitting atop the clog or sludge and causing a chemical mess. Even when the drain isn’t completely clogged, drain cleaning chemicals can corrode or burn through pipes.

Drain Cleaners are Contaminating Your Septic Tank

If you have a septic system in your yard, or even rely on a city sanitation, your use of chemical drain cleaners could be damaging to you and those around you. Drain cleaners can enter your septic tank and eventually seep into ground water.

Drain Cleaners are Posing a Threat to Your Health

If drain cleaners are powerful enough to eat through clogs in your drain, they’re harmful to your body, too. The fumes alone are hazardous to your health, and spilling any chemical drain cleaner on yourself could pose even more of a health risk. If you have children in your home, think carefully about if you’d really want drain cleaners within reach. Thinking about pouring chemical drain cleaner down your kitchen sink? Stop right there. If you have a garbage disposal, the chemical could come right back up and cause harm, even after time has passed.

If you’re in a situation where chemical drain cleaners must be used, be sure to use proper gloves and good air circulation. But more than likely, it’s not worth it to use chemical drain cleaners when there are a variety of other options to use.

BioBen®  is a natural drain cleaning option that doesn’t contain chemicals or additives. Available in either a power or liquid form, the product is safe and effective, so you can clear your drains without worrying about your health.

Instead of pouring a chemical hazard down the drain and causing potential harm to yourself and those around you, consider a natural drain cleaner or a call to the professionals. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we’ll clear your drains with our state of the art technology and BioBen®, a powerful, natural drain cleaner. Our drain cleaning and clearing services will save you the hassle of doing it yourself and the potential risks associated with chemicals. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment.