While it can make a lot of sense to try and tackle many kinds of jobs around the house, sink installation or replacement might not be one of them.

A simple mistake can turn a job which should just take a few hours at most into one that can take most, if not all of the day. Unless you’re extremely handy with tools, this is probably the kind of project best left to a professional plumber with Ben Franklin Plumbing Dallas. Here are some of the common mistakes we see people make going the do-it-yourself route when installing a sink.

Measuring Incorrectly

We see a lot of instances when someone trying their own sink replacement project has purchased a new sink which has a deeper basin than the previous one. If the new basin hangs down too low that can be a major hassle because you’ll need go into the drain line inside the wall and lower the sanitary tee connection. Otherwise, it won’t drain properly.

Purchasing the Wrong Cutout Size

If your new sink is too small for its countertop opening, you’ll be left with ugly gaps on both sides. There is also a possibility it will fall through the hole completely. It’s extremely important you measure the opening from underneath before you take out the old sink. Pay special attention to the corners of the old model. Take the measurements to your local hardware store to make sure your new one will fit. There’s a possibility you’ll need to buy a larger model and make the opening bigger.

Swollen Countertop

If your old sink leaked around the rim and you have a countertop made of plastic laminate, the particleboard could be soaked. Not only will a severely swollen countertop keep your new sink from sitting flat, but crumbling particleboard also will not provide a solid enough base. Be sure your sink installation goes smoothly.

Before you commit yourself to performing your own sink replacement, look closely at the old unit. If you have any doubt whatsoever whether or not you can handle this project, call the experts with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas. Give us a call at (972) 895-7775 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.