Not everyone has the benefit of garbage disposal on their sink, but if you have one, you will eventually need repairs or service for it. The nature of garbage disposal makes it dangerous for a homeowner to attempt repairs himself. You should not try to fix this appliance because it combines electricity with water and has sharp blades at the bottom. Call a plumber like the punctual plumbers to fix your broken disposal. They have the skills and tools to do the job correctly without getting hurt.

A garbage disposal helps to reduce the waste thrown into landfills by breaking up food put into the disposal to pass it out of the home through the plumbing system. These systems should have their blades sharpened and the unit should be deodorized as needed. You can help to keep your garbage disposal blades sharp by throwing a handful or two of ice cubes down the disposal. Lemon peel, ammonia, and water, or baking soda can combat disposal odors. If your disposal requires repairs or services beyond this general maintenance, call us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas.

When our plumbers come to your home for your garbage disposal repair service, they will arrive on time and fix the problem. If the issue with the disposal is major, you may want to consider a new unit. Our plumbers can handle the new garbage disposal installation too, and often on the same day as the initial repair service call. Our professional plumbers have the training to help select the best disposal for your kitchen under-sink setup and how you use the unit. Let us handle your plumbing repairs or replacement so you can concentrate on more important things in your life.

Don’t let your garage disposal remain broken as you will lose the convenience of being able to get rid of food scraps. You need a professional plumbing company to arrive on time and to fix the problem. Call us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas today.