The Right & Wrong Way to Use a Garbage Disposal [INFOGRAPHIC]

The first time you move into a place with a garbage disposal, it’s a game changer. Suddenly, it seems like nothing will ever inconvenience you again. If anything dared, you’d just–whoosh–throw it down. Nothing can stop your grandest cooking ambitions now! And then… it stops working.

Garbage disposals really can be game-changing convenient, but they have limitations like everything else. If you try to use yours for everything, you won’t be able to use it for anything before long. To help you avoid that, we broke down the right and wrong ways to use your disposal. We even made them into this pretty infographic, because we love you. Here’s how to treat your garbage disposal right, so it’ll keep treating you right:

garbage disposal tips

Seriously, if you ever need any help with your disposal or any other plumbing problem, give Ben Franklin a call any time. We’re always ready to help, whether that’s with an infographic or a plunger.