3 Reasons Why You Need to Find Hidden Leaks Fast

Hidden leaks are a plague on homes everywhere, and that includes Dallas. We’ve talked about the common signs of hidden leaks before. From the moment they occur, these pesky leaks can lead to damp spots, uneven flooring, water pressure problems, and a higher water bill. These problems are no joke, but they pale in comparison to what happens if you leave hidden leaks alone.

If you don’t find hidden leaks soon enough, they’ll start to pose some major risks to your home. We’re not talking run-of-the-mill water damage, either. Left unchecked, hidden leaks can pose serious danger to your entire family. Here are three major problems hidden leaks could cause for you if you don’t find them soon enough.

They can attract pests

Did you know that one of the biggest reasons pests want to get into homes is moisture? Most pests are just as motivated to find sources of moisture as they are by food or shelter. Everything needs water, after all. If pests never seem to leave you alone, it may be because they’re attracted to something you can’t see.

Roaches, silverfish, centipedes, earwigs, and all kinds of other pests seek out hidden leaks as a source of moisture. None of these are welcome house guests. Moisture-loving pests like these can spread illness, inflict structural damage on your home, and just plain freak you out. If your pest problem seems insurmountable, try calling your plumber. By cutting them off from what they want, we’ll help make your pest problems a thing of the past.

They can pose a significant risk to your health

Hidden leaks displace a significant about of water into the nooks and crannies of your home. All that water creates a humid environment that’s perfect for mold and mildew. If you leave a hidden leak alone for too long, mold and mildew will grow around it. Mold and mildew are dangerous airborne pollutants that should not be in your home.

Indoor air pollutants like mold and mildew are one of the top five environmental risks to public health. Left unaddressed, mold and mildew can irritate the throat, nose, and skin. Over time, they can cause respiratory infections, sinus problems, rashes, fatigue, fever, and difficulty breathing. Mold and mildew are particularly dangerous to people with asthma or other pre-existing respiratory illnesses. If you think there’s mold growing in your home, do something about it right away!

They can inflict structural damage to your home

There are a couple telltale signs that you have a hidden leak, including actual, visible signs of damage. Hidden leaks behind your walls often stain, discolor, or otherwise harm the wall they’re leaking onto. Finding this damage can help you find the leak. Unfortunately, however, if you can see damage your hidden leak inflicts, then it’s probably extensive.

Over time, water from hidden leaks makes its way into the structure of your home. Your drywall begins to absorb water, and swells up or warps over time. The framing within the drywall will warp and bend along with it. Eventually, these structures will start to breakdown, causing serious problems. Given enough time, this damage could be become serious enough to threaten the integrity of your entire home. Even if it isn’t that bad yet, any structural damage is unsafe.

If you have leaks in your home–hidden or otherwise–Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas is always ready to fix them. Feel free to give us a call whenever you suspect you have a hidden leak, even if you can’t find it. It’s always better to be safe than sorry–especially when the stakes are this high!