What Do I Do if I Have Drain Flies?

Drain flies don’t discriminate. The tiny flies can live in any standing water or decaying organic matter. They’ll find and thrive in these habitats of choice wherever they can. If you shower, use your sink, have a garage, or occasionally use the bathroom… you’re at risk of infestation.

Drain flies have six legs, a single set of fuzz-covered wings, and antenna. Their coloring varies from dark grey to grey-brown to black and they’re known for showing up, reproducing, and infesting incredibly quickly. Drain flies are both a pest problem and plumbing problem because they infest your bathroom and/or plumbing fixtures. Even though flies can live pretty much anywhere, you can prevent them from living near you. We can help. Here’s everything you should know about preventing drain flies in your home:

How do I protect against drain flies?

The best way to protect against drain flies is to keep them from accessing standing water around your home. The two best ways to do that are:

  • Fix leaks as soon as you notice them. This is especially true in your kitchen or bathroom. Flies are drawn to standing water that comes into contact with organic matter. This organic matter could be food, skin cells, or hair cells. Anywhere where organic matter contacts moisture could be a breeding ground for flies. That means that leaking pipes and joints can’t be left to drip and draw in pests. Tighten them yourself or call pros in to fix leaks as soon as they come to your attention.
  • Getting regular professional drain cleaning. Professionally cleaned drains are drains that aren’t a constant beacon drawing in drain flies and other pests. Not only that, but professional drain cleaning protects the life of your pipes, fixtures, and home plumbing.

What do I do if drain flies infest my home?

If you don’t feel comfortable handling drain flies on your own, you can always call a local pest control company. If you’d rather take care of it yourself, try the following method:

Heat up a pot full of water on the stove. You want it hot, but not boiling, because boiling water can damage plumbing fixtures. Pour the water down the infested drain to kill any unhatched eggs or larvae.

Chase your nearly-boiling water with a cup of white vinegar. Pour the white vinegar about a minute after you’ve drained all the hot water. White vinegar will help eliminate any larvae the water missed. This should be enough to kill the flies, but it won’t do anything about the reason why the flies started living in your drain in the first place. You’ll still need to clean your drains thoroughly to keep flies from coming back.

Protecting against drain flies comes down to making sure you’re taking care of your plumbing. You’ll need to fix leaks as soon as they happen so they aren’t drawn to the standing water. You’ll also need to invest in regular drain cleaning to protect your pipes.

When it comes to these and other home plumbing needs, bugs or no bugs, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas has your back. Call us today or any time you need help with your home’s plumbing.