5 Benefits of Camera Pipe Inspections

Everybody has a plumbing problem at some point in their life. Sometimes, those problems are easy to figure out. They’re run-of-the-mill clogs or blocks. Other times… not so much. Maybe they’re a giant snake in the sewer line. Or a squirrel in the toilet. Maybe you have no idea what the issue is!

For mystery plumbing problems like those, there’s pipe camera inspection. Pipe camera inspections use modern technology to take the guesswork out of plumbing diagnostics. The expert technician lowers a waterproof, high-definition camera all the way down into your pipes. You’ll be able to see your plumbing problem firsthand once and for all! When it comes to getting answers to your plumbing mysteries, pipe camera inspections are second-to-none. That’s not the only reason they’re so helpful, either. Here are five more reasons why you should consider looking into pipe camera inspection:

You’ll be able to spot small issues before they become big.

Sometimes you know something is wrong but can’t tell what the problem is. Maybe there’s been a slight increase in your water bill. Maybe certain areas of your home smell mustier than before. You might even hear a slight hiss when you turn your faucet or use your toilet.

Usually, small plumbing problems happen because of hidden leaks or clogs. A camera inspection can find those hidden leaks, and then your technician will fix them before they get bigger. Finding and fixing small leaks prevents small problems from turning into big ones.

They can positively affect your property value.

Are you considering putting your home on the market? With how competitive the market is right now, any edge can help. Being able to show potential buyers that your sewer line and pipes are clean is a big help.

Think about it: any prospective buyer will be able to know, without a doubt, that they’re buying a home with reliable plumbing. That’s a huge load off their minds. It’ll likely help them feel a lot more comfortable making a purchase. We recommend pretty much everyone gets a camera pipe inspection before they put their home on the market. Evidence that you have clean pipes is just a great selling point!

They’re far less disruptive than similar alternatives.

If you have a blockage in your sewage line, then it’s time to dig up your entire yard… right? Wrong! Camera inspections can do the job trenching sewer inspections can without the disruption. It doesn’t need to cut through walls, ruin landscape, or make a big mess.

Not only are camera pipe inspections less troublesome, but they’re also safer. The more you dig, cut, and dismantle, the higher the chance that something dangerous can happen. Pipe camera inspections let you avoid all that danger entirely.

They’re fast.

Camera inspections involve a lot less set-up than traditional ones. Not only are they faster to actually complete, but they lead to speedier solutions as well.

Back in the day, you might have to make small changes and then wait to see if they work. You’ll never have to do that with camera inspections! Instead, you’ll be able to see your problem immediately, so you’ll know exactly how to address it.

They’re proof nobody can argue with.

If your sewer line isn’t working properly, the city can fine you for it. And, of course, they usually will, too… even if the disruption isn’t your fault. When the city wants to fine you for a problem that isn’t your fault, you’ll need evidence to disprove their claims.

That’s where sewer camera inspections come in. If you’re lucky, just getting a camera pipe inspection will scare off potential fines. Even if it doesn’t, however, footage from your inspection will help you fight against any fines you’re dealt.

If you’d like to hear more about what camera pipe inspections can do for you, give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas a call any time. Our team of pros will be happy to answer all your questions.