Picking the Perfect Plunger

Did you know there’s more than one kind of plunger? Believe it or not, different kinds of plungers were designed to handle different problems. Using the wrong plunger for the job might still work (sometimes), but it won’t be nearly as effective. If you’ve always struggled to get your plunger to work, chances are you’re not the problem–the plunger is!

There are three main varieties of plunger. Each specializes in clearing out a different kind of clog from a different kind of drain. Learning what these plungers are and when to use each one will drastically improve your ability to clear clogs. Here are the three plungers all homeowners should know about, and how to pick the right one for the job:

Cup Plunger

This is the plunger that you imagine when someone says the word “plunger.” Wooden handle, red rubber cup. Contrary to popular belief, the cup plunger is actually not the best fit for unclogging toilets.

Cup plungers were actually designed to unclog sinks and bathtubs. It works best on flat surfaces, where its cup can create a vacuum with the area around the drain. Since toilets have curved bowls, it’s hard for the cup plunger to form a seal around the drain.

Flange Plunger

Now this is the plunger you want to use to unclog a toilet. Flange plungers are just like cup plungers, except there’s a soft rubber flap on the inside of the cup.

This flap (or flange) is what makes the flange plunger better suited for toilets. The flange fits inside the toilet drain and helps creates the seal you need for a strong vacuum.

Accordion Plunger

Accordion plungers are kind of like flange plungers on steroids. This plunger’s accordion-like body enables it to exert much more pressure on a clog than other types of plunger.

The accordion plunger’s added pressure-producing capability gives you the power required to clear out extreme clogs. Accordion plungers also include a flange inside their cup.

Sometimes even an accordion plunger isn’t enough to clear tough clogs. When that happens, call on the pros at Ben Franklin Plumbing and we’ll take care of ‘em.