Easy Holiday Plumbing Prep Checklist

Holidays are hectic. Combine dozens of family members with tons of food and people shuffling into your bathroom nonstop… and problems can occur. The best way to prevent problems is to prepare for them. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive holiday plumbing prep checklist.

The suggestions listed below are all easy things you can do to make your home ready for the influx of activity. Read it, print it off, follow along, and rest assured that your holiday season will be more celebratory than stressful. Click the check list for a printable pdf version, so you can check the boxes off as you complete them!

Holiday Plumbing Preparation Checklist
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The Checklist

❏  Check for leaks, slow drains, or other small problems.

❏  Flush every toilet in the home to make sure they’re flushing properly.

❏  Thoroughly clean each of your toilets.

❏  Stock up on toilet paper, soap, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and other toiletries.

❏  Learn where your home’s main water shut­off valve is.

❏  Install guards over shower and sink drains.

❏  Make sure all visitors know to wait 20 minutes to use a shower again after it’s been used.

❏  Place additional garbage bins in your kitchen and bathrooms.

❏  Run some lemon peels, ice cubes, and cold water through your garbage disposal.

❏  Run hot, soapy water through your garbage disposal to clean the blades.

❏  Ensure your water heater is functioning and flush it.

❏  Test your home’s water pressure.

❏  Leave a plunger in each bathroom for just­-in­-case emergencies.

❏  Have the phone number of your most trusted plumbing repair company on hand.

Happy holidays to you and yours from the whole family at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas.