7 Spring Cleaning Tips: The Plumbing Edition

Spring is in the air, and your annual spring cleaning endeavor is about to begin.

While you’re cleaning out the closets, scrubbing the floors and purging your home of excess stuff, don’t forget about the plumbing fixtures that keep your home in tip-top shape.

For as much attention as you spend on the belongings inside your home, don’t forget about the things that keep your home in working order. Remembering to maintain your plumbing system while you’re away is beneficial, and your home deserves to be kept in its best condition while you’re home, too.

Here are 7 spring cleaning plumbing tips you can’t forget:

  1. Check Your Pipes: Now’s a good time to do a routine check of the pipes in and around your home for leaks and drips. If you spot something suspicious, take care of them right away to avoid a headache later.
  1. Clean Behind the Toilet: Especially if the dreaded area behind and around your toilet isn’t part of your normal routine, give it a good cleaning. In fact, it’s beneficial to do a deep cleaning of your bathroom on a regular basis. There’s no saying what kind of germs are hiding in there.
  1. Clean Your Drains: Even if the drain isn’t clogged, preventative measures will help avoid a clog in the future. Consider purchasing a drain snake to clear out any debris that’s resting in there waiting to produce a clog.
  1. Empty the Gutters: Your gutters, downspouts and drains can be a haven for fallen leaves and other debris. Clean out any excess muck to ensure you won’t be dealing with a potential clog any time soon.
  1. Clean Up Mineral Buildup: Your showerheads can frequently welcome mineral buildup. It’s important to take care of this before it becomes a bigger problem. While you’re at it, tackle the soap scum on the door or floor, and polish up those dull-looking fixtures.
  1. Clean Your Garbage Disposal: Your garbage disposal has probably seen a lot in its lifetime — it’s time to show it a little love! A simple garage disposal cleaning will keep it working well. But always remember the dos and don’ts of what goes down the drain.
  1. Check the Water Heater Temperature: If you haven’t checked your water heater temperature lately, now’s the time. It should be set to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit for energy efficiency and to prevent scalding.

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