Plumbing Tips for Renters

It’s one of the biggest financial decisions of your life.

The decision to rent or buy can trigger an extensive pro-con list, and (depending on your situation) one might be more suited to your current time and place in life than the other.

Whether you’re saving up to buy a home or you aren’t particular to staying in the area for very long, renting can be an obvious choice. And when you add in the benefits of not having to buy large appliances, or pay real estate taxes or large maintenance bills, handing over that monthly check isn’t so bad.

But be careful: you don’t want to find yourself in an ugly situation. By knowing these plumbing tips, your time as one of the renters in the world will be much more pleasant.


You have rights as a renter, and one is the right to live in a habitable rental property. Your landlord is required to keep your building in ship shape, ensuring its structure is safe and sound and all plumbing, heating and electrical systems are functioning properly.

Before you move in, communicate with your landlord and confirm that you’re both on the same page. When you know what you are and aren’t responsible for before anything happens, sorting out any issues will be much easier. Know who will be responsible for minor and major repairs and the timeframe in which those repairs will be made.

Be sure to take a tour of the place and write down anything that might be a concern. Ask your landlord to tag along (if they aren’t already) so they can show you anything you might need to know, such as the water main shutoff valve. If something doesn’t seem right, immediately bring it to your landlord’s attention.


While you reside in the place, it’s not necessarily yours. When you do eventually move, it will become someone else’s, and it should theoretically be in the same condition in which you found it.

That can be a challenge at times, but there are a variety of ways renters can keep it functioning like it should. Keep in mind these usage tips:

  • Never pour fats, oil or grease down the drain
  • Don’t flush anything down the toilet that doesn’t belong (including flushable wipes!)
  • Avoid using chemical drain cleaners
  • Don’t put too much weight on fixtures, such as showerheads
  • Report any damaged fixtures immediately


Preventing plumbing problems in the first place will save you a headache later. Be sure to take some time to clean on a regular basis. From floors to plumbing fixtures, keeping them clean will keep them from attracting mold, mildew and materials that could cause damage or health issues.

Place drain strainers on all of your drains. These inexpensive devices will prevent things from falling down the drain, such as foreign objects or hair. This will also save you from clearing out a clogged toilet or shower. Be sure a proper ventilation system is in place in the bathroom, and always know what to do in case of an emergency.

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