Clean Your Machine: 5 Tips to Prevent a Dirty Washing Machine

The very machine that keeps your clothes clean and smelling fresh may not be the epitome of cleanliness itself.

Your washing machine slaves over nearly 300 loads of laundry every year. And if you’re not looking after its well-being, it could be quickly overworked and slowly release a stench into the air you breathe.

Often overlooked as a place you should clean, your washing machine is just as worthy as the dreaded tile behind the toilet.

Here are four ways to prevent a dirty washing machine.

1. Promptly remove wet clothes

When you’re losing motivation, the sound of a buzzer signaling your clothes are clean isn’t a sound you want to hear. Instead of waiting five more minutes, promptly remove the wet clothes in your washing machine and send them off to their respective drying spaces – whether they’re taking a ride in the dryer or hanging to dry. If you do leave them in there, there’s a good chance you’ll have to wash them again thanks to the odor they’re going to pick up.

2. Don’t go overboard on the detergent

The more detergent, the cleaner your clothes will become — right? Wrong. The more detergent you use, the more residue and damage will be done to your clothes and washer. Leftover detergent will attract more dirt and even bacteria buildup. If you’re unsure of how much detergent to use, check the packaging or peruse your washing machine manual for more information. You might even save a little money by using less soap!

3. Leave the door open

Even if you’ve promptly removed your clothes from the washer and didn’t go overboard on the detergent, you’re not out of the woods just yet. Once you’re finished with the washer, be sure to leave the door open. If you close the door to your washer, all of that leftover water and residue is going to turn into mold and mildew, and your next load of clothes won’t be so happy. Ensure proper ventilation by leaving the door open until you can remove the clothes.

4. Dry out the soap dispenser

The same goes for the soap dispenser. If it’s still wet after the clothes have been washed, be sure to leave it open so it can dry and obtain an appropriate amount of ventilation. It might look a little silly, but it’s worth it for a little cleanliness. Like the inside of the machine, the leftover residue or moisture in the soap dispenser will attract dirt and other materials.

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