5 Tips for Lowering Your Water Heating Bill

Those long, hot showers during the winter months don’t seem so pleasant when you catch a glimpse of your water heating bill.

After heating and cooling, water heating is the next largest energy expense for the average home, accounting for nearly 18 percent of your bill.

There’s no need to give up a warm shower, but you can cut down on hot water usage and make sure you’re up to par when it comes to efficiency. Check out these tips for lowering your water heating bill so you can start saving up for other items and trips:

1. Lower the temperature

Lowering the temperature of your water heater is fairly straightforward. When it’s not as hot, you won’t spend as much. In fact, if you were to turn it down 10 degrees, you could save anywhere from three to five percent on your bill. In the end, it’s probably worth saving a few extra bucks. It’s recommended that most households lower their water heaters to about 120 degrees.

2. Take shorter showers

As much as you’d like to enjoy your shower’s warmth a little longer, cutting a few minutes off your shower time could impact your bill big time. When four people take individual showers for five minutes every day, they’re using nearly 700 gallons of water every week. That’s a three-year supply of drinking water for one person. Turn the water off a few minutes early instead.

3. Don’t let the water run

You were probably told as a kid that it wasn’t good to leave the water running. Little did you know, it was probably because it was racking up your family’s water bill. Turn the water off when you don’t need it and consider installing low-flow fixtures to save on hot water consumption.

4. Insulate your water heater and pipes

When your body becomes cold, a blanket is sure to keep you warm. Your water heater and pipes are also capable of losing heat, and insulation will help your fixtures keep up their efficiency. Consider insulating your pipes or investing in a cost-effective water heater blanket.

5. Invest in energy efficiency

Many energy-efficient water heaters exist on the market. The price tag might not look so attractive, but the energy savings you could reap will outweigh the costs associated with purchasing a new water heater. Plus, take a closer look at your washing machine and dishwasher — there’s a good chance you could be enjoying more efficient models.

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