5 Ways to Conserve Water in Your Home

That dripping faucet in the bathroom isn’t a big deal, right?


Even a leak of one drip per second wastes about 1,661 gallons of water every yearThat’s enough water for nearly 664 showers!

Whether you don’t think twice about your water usage or you’re consistently looking for ways to save a few extra bucks on your water bill, check out these five ways to conserve water in your home.

  1. Install low-flow showerheads

Choosing a showerhead can make or break your shower experience. While you’re on the lookout for your ideal showerhead, don’t overlook a low-flow model. Making this small change could help you save 25 to 60 percent on your water bill.

  1. Check for water leaks

Water leaks can significantly impact your water usage. Be sure to frequently check your plumbing fixtures for leaks and promptly fix them to avoid extensive damage. You might not even notice a leak until you look!

  1. Insulate your pipes

Don’t ignore your pipes. While you’re waiting for the water to heat up before you take a shower or do the dishes, you’re letting usable water flow down the drain. By insulating your pipes, you’ll spend less time waiting for water to heat up, and, in turn, you’ll save time and money.

  1. Take shorter showers

If you want to conserve water, take shorter showers. You’d be surprised to know how much water you can save in a year by cutting a few minutes off your shower each time. This one’s a no-brainer, but it’s all up to you to make it happen.

  1. Only run full loads

For as much water you think you’re using by washing your dishes in a dishwasher, washing dishes by hand actually uses more. Hand washing could cost you 20 gallons, while an energy-efficient dishwasher will only use about 4.5 gallons. And while you’re at it, only run full loads in the dishwasher and the washing machine. You’ll save a lot more than you think.

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