4 More Places You Shouldn’t Forget to Clean

The next time you reach for the remote, be cautious of your susceptibility to germs and bacteria.

One study found that certain types of bacteria can survive on surfaces for weeks — even months! If you’re not careful, you could be spending the next few days on the couch as you fight off a bug.

Rather than tip-toe around your home avoiding any contact with surfaces that may be contaminated, play it safe and frequently clean your home. You might already be forgetting a few places. Here are a few more areas around your home you shouldn’t forget to clean.

1. Your drains

You probably don’t lose too much sleep over what’s sitting in the drains in your kitchen or bathroom. In fact, you likely don’t pay too much attention to your drains at all – until they’re clogged and you’re frantically brainstorming a solution. Instead, make drain cleaning a routine in your home.

You don’t need to make this an extensive task, but simply cleaning them out (and ensuring you’re not in the midst of a major clog) will save you time and energy later. If you let that gunk rest in the drain too long, you’ll have to plug your nose every time you get near the garbage disposal. Worse, you might come home to a flooded bathroom!

2. Your storage area and cupboards

When did you buy that can of soup? If you find yourself constantly wondering when you bought something — and questioning whether you should take the expiration date at face value — it’s time to clean out the cupboards. Those expired products are taking up valuable space and could be attracting unwanted pests or bacteria.

Your storage area also deserves a little love. When you stash everything in the corner, it’s hard to say what could be lurking underneath. If you have a water leak, many of those items could become damaged if they aren’t protected.

3. Inside the dishwasher

The leftovers formerly on your dinner plate have miraculously disappeared after a cycle in the dishwasher — but they may still be sitting inside your dishwasher! Your dishwasher can be quite filthy, despite its ability to keep many of your household items and silverware clean.

Take some time this spring to properly clean out your dishwasher. The results could surprise you, and you could welcome cleaner dishes and more efficiency into your lifestyle.

4. The Garbage Can

Who even knows what substance could be growing inside your garbage can. Was that really a banana peel rotting at the bottom? The container that willingly accepts your trash also deserves a little extra care.

When your trash bin collects decaying food and an endless supply of crumbs, there’s likely a few remnants that fall to the floor or slide down the side. It may not be your favorite part of the day, but cleaning your garbage can is a task for your home’s sanitation.

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