6 Things That Don’t Belong in the Dishwasher

It’s a splendid feeling.

After loading up a hefty stack of dirty dishes and shutting the door, you later open up the glorious invention that is your dishwasher to find your once grimy plates are now sparkling clean.

Or not.

It’s temping to throw the entire contents of your kitchen cupboards in the dishwasher, but is it really worth it? Check out these 6 things in your kitchen that don’t belong in the dishwasher.

1. Cast Iron Skillet

Your prized cast iron pan or skillet is better off washed by hand. If you place it in the dishwasher, you’ll open the door a short time later to find it covered in rust instead of the seasoning you’ve spent so long maintaining. Seasoning is the layer of oil or fat on the surface that makes your pan non-stick. To keep your skillet seasoning, wash the skillet by hand instead.

2. Quality Knives

The blades on your knives can become duller and duller as you wash them in the dishwasher — not to mention the possibility of the blades becoming loosened from the handles. There’s a reason your knives worked so well in the first place, but that means they could also damage your dishwasher or other dishes if they happen to come loose.

3. Insulated Mugs

Your favorite insulated mug is not meant to be tossed in the dishwasher — even if it has remnants of yesterday morning’s coffee inside. The vacuum seal between the inner and outer layers could fill with water if it’s put through a dishwasher, which would break the seal and compromise the insulation. Be sure your beverages are kept hot in the morning by washing those insulated mugs by hand.

4. Wooden Spoons and Cutting Boards

It’s tempting to place your wooden spoons or cutting boards in the dishwasher with the rest of the tools you used to cook dinner, but there’s a chance they’ll come out looking different than when you set them inside. Wood has a tendency to warp or crack, and a dishwasher could send your cutting board to the chopping block that is your garbage bin.

5. Heirloom Fine China

For many obvious reasons, fine china or the serving bowl passed down to you from your great grandmother should not be placed in the dishwasher. Delicate dishes won’t fare well in an environment of high heat and agitation. Try a sponge instead. Similarly, anything with gold trim should be kept that way. Don’t run it through the dishwasher, where that trim could be damaged or removed.

6. Soft Plastics

These days, “dishwasher safe” labels are a magnificent thing for anyone hoping to make dinner cleanup quick and easy. So before you assume your containers are invincible, be sure to look for the label or words, which are likely printed on the bottom of dish. Not there? You could be taking a big risk by throwing plastic in the dishwasher. Plastics can easily warp or even melt inside your dishwasher, and there’s a chance they could release some chemicals.

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