World Plumbing Day: Saving the World, One Plumber at a Time

Nowadays, it seems like there’s an observance for every symbol, cause, profession, and food. Who hasn’t rolled their eyes at National Pizza Month or International Beer Day (which, strangely, doesn’t fall within National Pizza Month)? However, some such days champion an important message. Indeed, today is World Plumbing Day, and—biased though we may be—its message should ring clear and true for all.

The World Plumbing Council, an international organization for improving the image and standards of the global plumbing industry, introduced World Plumbing Day to make known the vital role of plumbers in the global energy equation. With all the reasons we need water—sanitation, domestic consumption, industry, agriculture—demand is already outstripping supply. That demand is expected to increase by 50 to 60 percent by 2050. In the United States, the critical need for water is felt in states like California, where an emergency drought continues unabated. And we’re no stranger to the importance of water here in Texas, where drought conditions are commonplace.

As plumbers, we’re exceedingly proud of our responsibility to Texas communities. By repairing vital water systems, defending against leaks and water waste, and ensuring that sanitary water continues to flow, plumbers can both maintain an energy-efficient present and conserve water for a brighter future. In keeping with the goals of World Plumbing Day, we’ll continue to use best practices and advise our trusted customers to do the same.

Here are just a few ways you can reduce water use at home and help the world’s plumbers in their humble mission to save the world:

  • Run taps and faucets only for the duration they’re needed.
  • Frequently check your pipework for leaks and promptly call a plumber with any concerns.
  • Consider options for water reuse like harvesting rainwater or recycling grey water.
  • Run full loads of dishes in a dishwasher instead of washing the same dishes by hand.
  • Replace your old clothes washer with a high-efficiency model that drastically reduces average volume.

World Plumbing Day is all about recognizing the vital role of plumbers in conserving water. For us, the mission proceeds with the tools we use and the choices we make every day. But responsible water use is a message everyone can get behind.

For emergency plumbing, routine evaluations, and water conservation ideas, trust the punctual plumbers of Ben Franklin in Dallas.