The Truth About Green Drain Cleaners

If you’ve ever had a clog at home, chances are you’ve tried one of the liquid drain cleaners you can buy at the local hardware store. These can work in a pinch, but are you comfortable with the chemicals they release into your home and down your pipes? Liquid drain cleaning products you buy at the store can cause serious damage over time to your plumbing systems.

If your pipes are plastic, harsh chemicals can eat through them quickly. In metal piping, chemicals can remain inside and corrode the metal, especially with frequent use.

These chemical drain cleaners can be dangerous, as well. When you use a synthetic chemical in a toilet, traces remain in the tank for a while and settle into the porcelain. If they heat up, the bowl might crack or explode—possibly requiring a whole bathroom remodel!

If a plunger can’t do the job, a quick call to a plumber for a safe, professional drain cleaning service can resolve most toilet clogs right away—and it costs a lot less than having to replace everything.

BioBen®: A Safer Alternative

While most liquid drain cleaners rely on synthetic chemicals to clear clogged pipes, BioBen® is a natural biological drain line, septic and grease trap cleaner that Ben Franklin plumbers endorse.

BioBen® Liquid formulation contains microscopic biological organisms that attack and eat away at waste on the lining of your pipes and treatment systems. It’s easy to use (you just pour it down the drain), safe, and cost-effective. Within seconds, the bacteria in BioBen® immediately start feasting on the nasty fats, oils, grease and sludge in your pipes and drains.

No matter what, you can always call the punctual plumbers of Ben Franklin if you’re unsure about handling drain cleaning on your own. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers complete drain cleaning services in Dallas and surrounding areas 24/7. Take a look at our full service area and schedule service today!