What Causes Your Water Line to Break?

Walking out the front door first thing in the morning to discover your yard flooded is a disheartening experience. Perhaps the only thing more frustrating is to set foot out of your bedroom door to find the interior of your home flooded. Just what causes your water line to break? At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas, we’ve noticed there are a few different causes connected to underground and exposed pipes.


When pipes are underground, they are subject to a variety of soil and conditions. Conductive soil corrodes metal pipe. When this corrosion weakens the line to a certain point, the pipe just breaks. Pipes need maintenance and replacement from time to time. For external pipes, keep an eye out for excessive rust and corrosion. If you can head it off early, you don’t have to worry as much about a broken pipe.


Freezing weather is also what causes your water line to break. The fluctuation of temperatures even in the Dallas Fort Worth area cause swelling and shrinking of pipes that can lead to cracks. Little cracks can eventually lead to big breaks. It’s difficult to avoid this all the time with underground pipes, but you can wrap insulation around exposed pipes to prevent this.

Soil Conditions

Aside from conductivity, the overall condition of the soil for underground pipes can have an effect on the pipe’s integrity. Pressure, movement, and even the roots of plants can weaken a pipe if given enough time.

Be Prepared

There are many answers to what causes your water line to break. Knowing what to do when it happens is the best way you can prepare for such an event. If you have issues with your pipes or have questions about what to do in case of a water line break, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas at (972) 895-7775.