Why You Should Regularly Inspect Your Plumbing Pipes

Pipes are like the veins of your home. They keep the water flowing to all of the various appliances and fixtures that need water to run and make life comfortable. When your pipes have problems, it can have a ripple effect on the use of everything in your home. Here at Ben Franklin, we recommend having your plumbing pipes inspected regularly because they are affected by weather, they affect many appliances and fixtures in your home, and bad pipes can lead to unexpected utility costs.

Weather Affects Pipes

Pipes are affected by hot and cold. Just as important to note is that water is affected by the heat and the cold. If there is water in the pipes when temperatures dip below freezing, the water expands in the pipe. This can lead to cracks. When the weather warms up again, you have leaky pipes. Regular inspections can help you prep pipes for cold weather and catch cracks or leaks before they become more serious.

Your Pipes Affect Fixtures and Appliances in Your Home

If you’re having issues with appliances or fixtures in your home, it could be connected to a broken or leaky pipe. Since your plumbing pipes are connected to all kinds of things like toilets and sinks, a problem with your appliances and fixtures could mean a problem with your pipes. An inspection can help identify this problem and get your fixtures and appliances working properly again.

Unexpected Utility Bill Costs

If you’re looking at your water bill and it’s much higher than expected, it could be the result of a broken, cracked, or otherwise non-functioning pipe. An inspection can help you identify the problem and fix it to keep your utility bills down.

Get the Pipes Inspected Regularly

Regular inspection of your plumbing pipes can save you from all kinds of headaches. For more information on how to protect your pipes and what we can do to help, call Ben Franklin at (972) 895-7775.