Tree Root Damage Can Lead to Water Leak Repair

Whatever your plumbing emergency, whether a sewage line backup was caused by a tree root or  you just need fast and effective water leak repair, call us at Ben Franklin to get the problem solved quickly.

From Video Inspections to Backflow Devices

A California city is working on new recommendations and regulations to make sure that the connections from private sewage drain lines do not contribute to problems with the city’s main sewer system. The Laguna Beach City Council authorized the use of money from the city’s sewer fund to conduct video inspections of properties that have had sewer line cleanings or a history of tree root problems. Tree root chunks are sometimes chopped out of a private sewage drain system under a homeowner’s property and can then make their way into the city sewage system where the root pieces cause more extensive backups.

The city council also authorized city staff to analyze properties that may require a backflow device. The California legislation is a good example of the need to properly handle private sewer lines no matter where you live, whether you have a minor water leak repair or a serious plumbing emergency.

Urgent Solutions Call for Plumbing Pros

San Antonio plumbing problems require urgent solutions, whether you have a clogged drain or a pipe that requires urgent water leak repair. For speedy plumbing service, a professional plumber is your best answer to difficult problems. Contact Ben Franklin to schedule a visit from our plumbing experts.

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