Important Reasons to Consider a Tankless Water Heater

Time to change that water heater?

You now need to weigh up the pros and cons of what type of system to get to satisfy your needs and requirements. Should you go for the traditional tank or the more modern tankless heater?


Whilst you may pay a little more for the tankless heater, the on-going running costs are much lower; they are more efficient and you aren’t paying to store your hot water, only to produce it. This means that you’re heating ‘on demand’; as and when you need it, in any quantity. With a traditional tank, you have no choice but to heat the whole tank and then try and keep it hot if you don’t use it straight away.


Generally, a tankless water heater will take up less space than a traditional tank, allowing you more options to site it. Available in a range of different physical sizes and output sizes.


Another major drawback of traditional tanks is that they need to be situated higher than the hot water faucet, relying on gravity to push the water out. Again, this means that locations where the tank can be fitted are limited. With a tankless heater, you have no such problem; the hot water can be pumped around your home without issue, allowing you to site the heater wherever is most convenient.

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